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DynamAssist is a software toolbox developed for engineers working in the field of structural dynamics and vibration engineering. The software is available as a Mathcad electronic handbook. Version 8.0 is now available.

Also available is 'Modal Maths' - a collection of useful formulas for structural dynamics (download pdf file here)

DynamAssist has been developed by Ian Ward and is provided free of charge. If you would like to install the handbook, download the relevant DynamAssist zip file from the links below:

DynamAssist Version 8.0 for Mathcad 14 & 15 – Download zip file (36.4Mb)

DynamAssist Version 5.1 for Mathcad 13 – Download zip file (27Mb)

DynamAssist Version 5.1 for Mathcad 11 – Download zip file (45Mb)

Once the relevant zip file has been downloaded, extract the files to the ‘handbook’ directory that comes with your Mathcad installation. DynamAssist can then be accessed from Mathcad by clicking Help> E-books> DynamAssist or by selecting DynamAssist from the Resources toolbar.

Suggestions for corrections/modifications/enhancements to DynamAssist are always welcome - please send emails to IanWard@DynamAssist.com. For citations, please use text similar to; 'Ward, I., 2014, DynamAssist - a structural dynamics handbook for Mathcad, Version 8.0, www.dynamassist.com.'

DynamAssist contents:

Mathcad is a desktop software package for performing engineering and scientific calculations.  It can be used to replace traditional engineering calculations normally performed by hand on calculation sheets.  The advantage of Mathcad in this situation is the ability to update/modify the calculations very quickly, and units are also handled automatically.  The calculations can be laid out as they would on a calculation sheet with comments, diagrams and references to input data all included in one electronic worksheet.

Mathcad can also be used to perform more complex calculations and has numerous built-in functions for dealing with vectors/matrices, calculus, differential equations, signal processing and eigenvalue extraction. The software is developed and sold by the Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). More information can be found on the Mathcad web site (www.mathcad.com).

Ian Ward has over 35 years experience of providing structural analysis consultancy services on a wide variety of projects. He has developed particular expertise in the use of computer-based analysis techniques to assess the response of structures subjected to dynamic loads (such as wind, blast, pedestrian, vehicle or seismic loading).

Ian is a Member of the Institute of Physics and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He is employed in the Advanced Technology Group within Atkins (www.atkinsglobal.com).

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